and the light sparks again – Mum

There comes a point in a Mum’s life

A tiny seed begins to grow,  a special bulb that’s been planted to rekindle the light.

A bulb to wake our inner being back up.

The inner being that had to take a back step whilst we gave ourselves to motherhood and family.

When it awakes, it pulls at us to act,  it’s a voice we don’t recognise anymore but we desperately want back.

It will question your happiness, self worth,  your environment, and how you care and feel about yourself.

The timing is perfect, as nature is, and it will start to demand you put yourself first again.


Now after many years of experiences from those years you have cried, loved and laughed, you have a new depth to you.

A new you, all it wants is for you to love and nurture yourself, giving yourself what you have been giving others these years passed.

It’s your turn now.

And if you want to be that mentor to your children and loved ones, you will take that journey – even if it’s hard and find that special new person inside you and let it shine.