Inspire Belief Kids

Inner belief changes your path…. every child is born with talent, heart and potential, every child is born into a environment with many options of a path they chooses, what they can’t control is the opportunities that lay before them.

As complete individuals that we are, we all need different levels of help in all areas of our development. Primarily we all need the basics, from that we need someone to believe in us, to encourage and inspire us; to teach us the skills that will help us to develop into people we are proud to be.

School's and Social Services

We create taylor made programme to your current needs and requirements

sticking to NZ curriculum achievement outcomes

We are some crazy individuals that believe every child can reach for this dreams. But some children need the light shone on their path and we create innovation solutions to those challenges they encounter along their way.

Current Projects

Hauora Education

Inspire Belief Kids – Self Belief Programme

School programme targeted at Social Sciences and Health Curriculums.

Suited to years 5 to 8, will develop with younger students in mind if required.

Parallel Programme

Anti bullying by understanding self through understanding your actions and words.

Years 7 to 10

Teenage Programme

In development for Inspire Belief Charitable Trust

Images from the Inspiration Kids Programme