About Inspire Belief

Inspire Belief is designed to be an international social business creating solutions to social needs, by primarily teaching children and adults important life skills, self-belief and the confidence to reach for their dreams.

The catalyst that created Inspire Belief…

On the 1 February 2007 16 hours after the birth of my daughter, my mother Lucy died at the age of 65 from bone cancer. On her last days she wrote a list of regrets, of the simple things she dreamed of doing and didn’t.

The list of regrets

1. More social life

2. South Island Holiday (New Zealand)

3. Enjoy my grandchildren more

4. I’d like to go back to Australia for a holiday to see Joyce

5. Live to an old age

And while these are simple things (except for living to an old age) it was her confidence and self-worth that held her back to achieve her other goals.

I saw how I could help people, I didn’t want people’s dreams to die as well, my mother never realised how much potential she had to affect the people around her – including herself.

So I created Inspire Belief to encourage people to believe in themselves and their dreams – because they are far too important.