Welcome to Ratanui Retreat - formally Inspire Belief

This is a place to remind you to be happier. 

Often we don't know how to do that, or we get lost in life's challenges and need some direction. 

Focusing on the principles of LOVE, Laughter, and Learning are key things for living a fulfilling life, making life easier. 

A different perspective/path can make all the difference; this is where Ratanui Retreat comes in.

Here to help you get inspired, discover new opportunities, become more confident and learn new skills to help you navigate and grow. Growth might sound naff, but it's key to making things more awesome. It's a great feeling -- eventually, the people you love will thank you for it.

Life isn't easy, but it sure can be fun and rewarding.

Let's get your fire burning; there is more inside you than you dream about.

Kaz xx

The intel: There is a ton of info on this website; there may be upcoming events, affordable life strategy online courses (and free ones), and Inspire Belief Kids Life Skills/Hauora education. 


What they say


"Following your dream's course has given me things to think about and opened my eyes to me. You have a power my friend."


Dear Kaz, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed following your dream's course. It was refreshingly, energizing and inspiring to check in with you each day and to listen to some really sound knowledge and advice. One of my things is feeling stuck and I'm perhaps my own worse enemy at times, and this course helped me to think about myself and my dreams, my fears and what might be possible. I would highly recommend this Island for anyone needing to gain some positive coping skills and strategies to a better life that we deserve. Let the cup be full not empty.

Events: Upcoming


Creating Inspiration Events

The best way to learn is when you are having fun, stepping outside your comfortable zone and being open to new adventures.   Do what sparks you up, especially if it touches your heart.

And for the Kids, Teachers and Parents

 Inspire Belief Kids.

Taylor Made Hauora educational programme for kids and caregivers - designed for schools

Contact Information

Find us here: In the wild green wonder of New Zealand

Email:  kaz@inspirebelief.com

Phone: Kaz Pollard

064 027 246 0559