Inner belief changes your path

Inspire Belief does what it says in the title,  it's about inspiring people to believe in themselves, to grow as a person so that they can discover themselves and what their heart is capable of.


Inspire Belief is a social business creating solutions to social needs, also focusing on the education sector, creating programmes for children, parents and teachers, that teach essential life skills that promote mental wellbeing and to inspire their unlimited potential.  

What we do

Let's solve the challenge

Or make it better, more liveable, the idea is to learn the lesson and all the treasures that come with it.

With a different perspective, experience and a bit of creativity, I've developed programmes to help others. From events, inspire kids, storytelling to online support and courses.

Recently I created the Navigating your Journey Online Courses for adults - which is packed with support, inspiration and transformation (emotional intelligence learning). In my style, it's unique.

Have a peek, and if you are in the education sector, check out inspire belief kids.

Oh yeah, by the way, my name is Kaz - click on about inspire belief to learn more about me, nearly forgot + check out the blogs, these loads of them, and I can't forget the family videos. You will see where I get some of my inspiration.

"Hi, I'm currently rebuilding this website, so if things don't kinda work or seem not complete - I'm onto it :) Often you just have to launch and work it out on the way," Kaz

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What they say


"Spark island course has given me things to think about and opened my eyes to me. You have a power my friend."


Dear Kaz, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Spark Island course. It was refreshingly, energizing and inspiring to check in with you each day, and to listen to some really sound knowledge and advice. One of my things is feeling stuck and I'm perhaps my own worse enemy at times, and this course helped me to think about myself and my dreams, my fears and what might be possible. I would highly recommend this Island for anyone needing to gain some positive coping skills and strategies to a better life that we deserve. Let the cup be full not empty.


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Jean McKenzie

2019 Waipa business leader of the year  Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust.

I find Kaz a pleasure to work with, when Kaz is working with her clients she is able to maintain a sound working relationship while still being friendly, willing to engage with a range of personalities.  Kaz is also very creative with her programmes and presentation of them.  She has a high level of skills in this area.  

She treats all opportunities with confidence, displays an outstanding level of knowledge in her field with an enthusiastic, positive attitude.  

ONline NYJ Courses and pricing

I deserve series 



5  Lessons - Taster of a selection of the Island's

Spark Island



14 lesson course 

Inspire Belief Kids - Hauora Education

 Inspire Belief Kids.

Taylor Made Hauora educational programme for kids and caregivers - designed for schools

Inspire Belief Kids has been designed as a national wide school programme, but can be adjusted to fit a social services facilitator needs.

Bringing creativity

From the beginning since 2018, it started with the creation of Molly and Arthur.  They were designed to be the ambassadors for Inspire Belief.   

Their roles were to promote, teach and inspire, through Events, Inspire Belief Kids, Inspire Belief village and educational content.

They have had to take a back seat, but hopefully they will be back in the future,  promoting new and older aspects of inspire belief.

Letting go of fear

Failures are just outcomes we don't pick. They are assets that teach us invaluable experience that give us the skills to take us beyond our boundaries and help us achieve our dreams.


Healing lets your heart pump energy again, and it removes the chains and tears down the walls that are holding you back.


There is no stopping change; you are a human being that's designed to expand and grow.

Where Inspiration comes from - home life

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