Lockdown19 coping with change

Having a member with high needs autism in the family change is a real struggle.

Helping him to adapt we made the most of it and created a treasured memory.


Article in the local newspaper https://www.teawamutunews.nz/2020/04/trampas-orders-mcdonalds-to-stay/?fbclid=IwAR0BOT8dsBKhTd4NJHZYdUO8LFX8G08usTzr8IpwCoN63tIek4h-HO0dQaI

Welcome to Inspire Belief

Hi I’m Kaz

I created Inspire Belief 13 years ago, inspired by my Mum after she passed over when my little girl was born, like 18 hours after.

She led a life of not believing in herself and not following her dreams, and she really deserved too. I would have followed that path, except I was more of a rebel and stubborn, I call those qualities now courage and persistence.

I’ve gone off track, that’s my current issue. I have so much to share now, and I don’t know where to start.

You see when I started Inspire Belief I had a lot of energy for it; I quickly got into
speaking engagements,
creating a inspire belief national school programme for kids,
a club for dreamers, and developed a gigantic new interface website.
Everything was new and creative and exciting.
I wanted to spread it across the world.

Creatively I was on fire, I wanted to inspire and make people believe in themselves and their worth.

Then my 3 years old son was diagnosed with high needs autism, and my life changed.

Inspire Belief stopped, I tried to keep it going, but it was like trying to push a boulder up a mountain, every turn a door closed. Something I was so passionate about began to feel more like stress.

It was just the beginning; my dream was to inspire and help, so life threw me more, to make me more.

The years followed with more challenges, struggling farming conditions, family high court proceedings, losing the farm, divorce, losing the majority of your assets, caring for terminal family members, 18mths in a coercion abusive relationship, isolation
and then
my beautiful happy son with autism reached puberty, his brain changed, and he couldn’t cope with life, his behaviour became extreme, and my life went into lockdown, more isolation.

Finally, my foundations crashed. I couldn’t go on with how I was living my life.
I was still everyone’s rock, and I had to find my light again,
I was it.

My kids needed me.

I couldn’t change the circumstances. But I could change how I was dealing with them and how I dealt with myself.

So I reforged myself, with all the experiences I’d gained. I became more, a new version of myself.

Now my daughter is happy, my son is happy (most of the time), and I am happy.

I also now have so much more to offer you, 13 years ago I started with the creative stuff, then life took me on a journey of challenging discovery, now I have so much more to share of value.

Inspire Belief 2.0, it’s not just about the dreams anymore, it’s about developing the skills in life so you can grow, and the belief that you are deserving and unlimited.

I want to help you thrive.

Be vulnerable

I love you when you are vulnerable
then I can truely connect to you
and you can connect to me

Please don’t hide your vulnerability
for fear of pain of rejection

Don’t hide behind your walls
I want a real connection
not a edited version of yourself

Have the courage for us to see your heart
not a defence weapon
Then I will see your beauty and you can see mine

Those walls you think stop you from feeling pain
become your barriers and your limits

On the outside being vulnerable
Is where the light can shine

You are worth much more than sitting behind a wall
don’t be afraid to stumble
there is no shame in courage

Have the courage to be vulnerable

Your path is already mapped out for you

You can’t go wrong

Every little step, hiccup, failure, challenge

it’s all leading to where you want to internally go

Molly’s Dream

Molly’s dream became a struggle.

“Surrender, your dream to me,” said the universe. “You have done enough for now.”

“No” she cried, “I am scared of losing the dream”.

The universe sends her the lesson of loss. She survives and finds gratitude.

She persists.

“Surrender,” said the universe.

“No” she cried, “I do not trust”.

The universe sends her a lesson of trust. She survives and finds more freedom.

She carries on with effort.

“Surrender,” said the universe.

“No” she cried, “I am embarrassed about looking like a failure to others”.

The universe sends her the lesson of failure in front of others. She survives and find’s more self-love.

Head down; she battles forward.

“Surrender,” said the universe.

“No” She cries, I am scared of losing control.

The universe sends a reality check lesson, showing her control is an illusion. She survives and worries less.

She puts on foot in front of the other, very slowly.

“Surrender, your dream to me,” said the universe.

“Yes,” She replies, “I have no fight left”.

She steps back, and let’s go of control.
She gets out of the way and waits with patience for the opportunities to come her way, in perfect timing.

“Finally!” said the universe. “You were in the way, but you learnt a lot for the experiences.” (the universe has a dark sense of humour)

Molly stops and finally surrenders, letting go of trying to create the dream; she relaxes into peace, free of internal struggle, her shoulders become light.

And without her interference, eventually, things finally start to happen.
With clear sight, Molly sees the signs, and by surrendering the need to control and question, she no longer is having to struggle internally, she takes action, and her passion reignites.

She’s finally becoming her dream.

Lessons you don’t expect

What you think you are expecting to experience becomes something entirely different.
Five months of looking forward to this and finally it’s here.
Here I am Day One at Rally School NZ and learning the navigator’s role and feeling alive.
Role on Day two rally driving lesson time —— but I’d taken sick the night before.
I didn’t know it, but I was time for me to finally learn a lesson that’s being on constant repeat for a very long time.

Being a stubborn person, it has taken me a long time for me to learn, life had to basically shackle me for months on end to finally learn this one – Dealing with Disappointment.

We all have these lessons throughout our lives, a behaviour that holds us back – when we finally get it, it gives us new skills to broaden our horizons.
Other people can see what we are continually doing wrong, same lesson, different scenario, we are so blind to it we blame others or life.

But when you get it, when you finally step out of your square, and you can see for yourself what you do, life changes for you.
Life is a tough teacher, and it’s one significant learning experience – the intelligence of it all blows my mind.

My repeating lesson of fearing disappointment and my avoidance of it was a fear holding me back.

Lessons that were ingrained in you as a child, become your big life lessons to learn as an adult they are part of your purpose.

Once I understood what I was doing, it was easy. I had to stop avoiding the emotion of disappointment, I had to embrace and feel the wave of emotion instead of fearing it, then I could step back into a natural state of peace quite quickly again, and life could take on a new clear view.

Do you know what your current lesson is?
Something that keeps recurring, it will be the thing you say ‘it’s happening to me again, or ‘here we go again’.

Learn it! Repeating hurts.
Your life will transform – it’s a treasure in disguise.

So getting back to my lost adventure day:
I’m booking in for a later date to catch up on my driving time; my life didn’t end for me! The disappointment wasn’t a door shutting! it was a new door opening. 🙂

So all in all pretty productive weekend – all the tools we need are never out of our reach.

P.s if you ever think about an experience that you won’t forget, Rally Drive NZ won’t disappoint.

A Gift in disguise

A GIFT in disguise

When you are ready, there comes a new chapter.

You may feel like shooting the messenger, some of us do, the messenger is usually painful, but remember eventually to say thank you and give them or the circumstance, your love and gratitude.

People and experiences will come into your life to help you change; you will be challenged.

Your soul will yearn for change.

My gift in disguise challenged me immensely; he taught me how to live my life, some times I am so grateful I have moments when I have wanted to grab them excitedly and thank them for showing me of what I needed to learn – their ego was a bulldozer. Still, their soul knew mine, and it was on point.
(Forgiveness is what brings, growth, love and peace)

When you start on a new chapter, it’s scary, anything is new but don’t fret about feeling lost, your soul knows what it’s doing; it is our ego that has no map. Give it time, you will see.

Accept you are the decision-maker, whatever you are telling yourself, it will become your reality; no one else can give you your happiness; only your soul knows how to do that.

In the new chapter, it’s about how to care, respect, and how to love yourself entirely (warts and all). I was challenged to start creating an environment and life that would support me to flourish and shine.

My gift in disguise was a flame that mirrored back to me what I needed to learn.

My advice for those that have started this new chapter and even feel like they have hit rock bottom – start right where you are, to rebuild you had to be broken, now you can build new foundations (congratulations). The old foundations didn’t serve you anymore.

Start by focusing into pumping love into yourself, like you would a brand new lover, be compassionate, forgiving, and open your heart to anything. Because when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.

Welcome to your new world, make it about love.

Love Kazia