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Update - New Chapter

Follow your Dreams


New IB Base

Communications WoolShed

Work is underway on a new base for Inspire Belief. The IB woolshed goals are to build a virtual school for Inspire Belief kids, be able to hold inspiring adult events, and be a hub for adult mental wellness services. (once we have fixed some of the holes)


Life and wellbeing skills

Online courses to help you navigate through the stages of life's journeys and lessons. 

INspire Belief Kids hauora EDUCATION

Creating solutions to social needs

Online courses and in-class/home programmes for children, parents and teachers, that teach essential life skills that promote mental wellbeing and inspire unlimited potential.

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Creating Inspiration Events

The best way to learn is when you are having fun, stepping outside your comfortable zone and being open to new adventures.   Do what sparks you up, especially if it touches your heart.

Working with Individuals and Teams

Encouraging wellbeing 

We spend a heap of our attention on our bodies, career, phone, and TV. The most progress we will ever make is by looking at what's happening inside our minds. Our beliefs and experiences are what shape our worlds.

Simple and Easy self empowerment online courses

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First stop on chasing your Dreams 

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What they say


"Following your dream's course has given me things to think about and opened my eyes to me. You have a power my friend."


Dear Kaz, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed following your dream's course. It was refreshingly, energizing and inspiring to check in with you each day and to listen to some really sound knowledge and advice. One of my things is feeling stuck and I'm perhaps my own worse enemy at times, and this course helped me to think about myself and my dreams, my fears and what might be possible. I would highly recommend this Island for anyone needing to gain some positive coping skills and strategies to a better life that we deserve. Let the cup be full not empty.

Letting go of fear

Failures are just outcomes we don't pick. They are assets that teach us invaluable experience that give us the skills to take us beyond our boundaries and help us achieve our dreams.


Healing lets your heart pump energy again, and it removes the chains and tears down the walls that are holding you back.


There is no stopping change; you are a human being that's designed to expand and grow.

 Inspire Belief Kids.

Taylor Made Hauora educational programme for kids and caregivers - designed for schools

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