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Inspire Belief believes in people, even when they don’t believe in themselves.   As the founder  and owner of Inspire Belief, Kaz Pollard’s biggest mission in life is to help others get over their negative self-beliefs so they can live a full life without letting a lack of confidence or their mindset getting in the way.

At Inspire Belief, she creates powerful solutions to social challenges, from life tools and experiences for adults to kids educational programmes.  One of the big challenges that hold people back, is how they see themselves and what they tell themselves.  Many people let their self-confidence stop them from experiencing the life they have always wanted.  That’s where Kaz comes in.

Her vision started 13 years ago when her mother passed away from bone cancer just hours after Kaz’s daughter was born.  Just day’s prior, Kaz’s mother wrote down 5 regrets before passing at the age of 65.  It pained Kaz’s heart to see that most of the things listed never happened because her mother’s confidence and self-worth had held her back.  Since then, it has been her deepest goal to help others, of all ages to live the life they deserve.  And love it!

Kaz is in the process of creating an education and wellbeing retreat for adults that want to rejuvenate, reforge and refocus.   Her belief is one individual has the potential to affect so many others, to revitalise a person’s self-belief and purpose is the ability to create positive change and happiness for many.  

Welcome to Inspire Belief

Welcome to Inspire Belief

This place is for you.

You are it! You are the centre of your world.

Inspire Belief is here to honour that light within you,

To Inspire You – so you make sure

Your World is Awesome.

You have unlimited power, your heart and belief will affect generations of people, even by the smallest of your actions.

You are a legacy.

Love, Kaz

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21 day Inner Strength and Thrive online course

Designed to be easy, fast, deep, and full of life-changing tools.

You can learn in your own time and space.

You can purchase the 21 day Inner Strength and Thrive programme through Impact Tutoring for $229.00 NZ dollars.  

10% of the purchase price goes to Mathematics For A Lifetime Trust.  Mathematics For A Lifetime is an award-winning charitable trust which strives to expand the availability of professional maths tutoring to children and youth who need it most, but maybe least able to afford it.

If you have any issue with purchasing the programme, please get in touch and I’ll sort it out for you.  It’s a new website and new programme 😉

Sample Clip

Lockdown19 coping with change

Having a member with high needs autism in the family change is a real struggle.

Helping him to adapt we made the most of it and created a treasured memory.

Article in the local newspaper https://www.teawamutunews.nz/2020/04/trampas-orders-mcdonalds-to-stay/?fbclid=IwAR0BOT8dsBKhTd4NJHZYdUO8LFX8G08usTzr8IpwCoN63tIek4h-HO0dQaI

a little history of IB…

Hi I’m Kaz

I created Inspire Belief 13 years ago, inspired by my Mum after she passed over when my little girl was born, like 18 hours after.

She led a life of not believing in herself and not following her dreams, and she really deserved too. I would have followed that path, except I was more of a rebel and stubborn, I call those qualities now courage and persistence.

Inspire Belief stopped, I tried to keep it going, but it was like trying to push a boulder up a mountain, every turn a door closed. Something I was so passionate about began to feel more like stress.

It was just the beginning; my dream was to inspire and help, so life threw me more, to make me more.

The years followed with more challenges, struggling farming conditions, family high court proceedings, losing the farm, divorce, losing the majority of your assets, caring for terminal family members, 18mths in a coercion abusive relationship, isolation
and then
my beautiful happy son with autism reached puberty, his brain changed, and he couldn’t cope with life, his behaviour became extreme, and my life went into lockdown, more isolation.

Finally, my foundations crashed. I couldn’t go on with how I was living my life.
I was still everyone’s rock, and I had to find my light again,
I was it.

My kids needed me.

I couldn’t change the circumstances. But I could change how I was dealing with them and how I dealt with myself.

So I reforged myself, with all the experiences I’d gained. I became more, a new version of myself.

Now my daughter is happy, my son is happy, and I am happy.

I also now have so much more to offer you, 13 years ago I started with the creative stuff, then life took me on a journey of challenging discovery, now I have so much more to share of value.

Inspire Belief 2.0, it’s not just about the dreams anymore, it’s about developing the skills in life so you can grow, and the belief that you are deserving and unlimited.

I want to help you thrive.

Be vulnerable

I love you when you are vulnerable
then I can truely connect to you
and you can connect to me

Please don’t hide your vulnerability
for fear of pain of rejection

Don’t hide behind your walls
I want a real connection
not a edited version of yourself

Have the courage for us to see your heart
not a defence weapon
Then I will see your beauty and you can see mine

Those walls you think stop you from feeling pain
become your barriers and your limits

On the outside being vulnerable
Is where the light can shine

You are worth much more than sitting behind a wall
don’t be afraid to stumble
there is no shame in courage

Have the courage to be vulnerable

2009 Vintage Inspire Belief Video

Created in 2009.

Inspire Belief Breaks was launched in 2009 and then life happened.

and 11 years later, thanks to zoom meetings, life reinvented in.

I’m working on bringing Inspire Belief Breaks back for everyone that wants to follow their dreams, goals and purpose.

To Enjoy the Day

Make this your focus for every day, then your eye’s will adjust to seeing the wonders of life every day. You will feel, see and do things that will make you happy. You will be in harmony.

New Years 2021 resolution

Make the New Year’s resolution a gift that will set you up for life.
Goals and dreams come and go, once completed you go to the next one, the previous one is already forgotten.
It’s fun having a goal, but once achieved the prize doesn’t hold the same value for us.
If you looked at it from an entirely different perspective.
You can see all the accumulating wealth is in what you experience and what you learn in the journey of the goal.
Focusing in on loving – absorbing – enjoying – pacing the creation of a goal.

I’m going to be happy – when.. doesn’t work, it’s in what you are doing now.
In the unfolding of the experience.

LOVE – what you are doing.
What meaning does it hold for you?
Does it fill you up?
How does it match your values?

ABSORBING – the experiences you receive
The people you meet?
The lessons you learn?
The knowledge you gain?

ENJOYING – the experience
How is it fun?
If not, how do you turn it into fun?

PACING – time does not like to be rushed
These so much to be learned in the process, time decides the outcome – Surrender to it, just do your thing without emotional self-torture.

The Goal is just a thing, it’s the creation of it that holds the prize.

Little tiny egg

2 eggs, same size chocks.

You could be thinking that the value of the small egg is minimal compared to the normal size egg.

Until a cute little 3-year-old girl discovered the tiny egg and thought it was the most magical thing ever!. That tiny egg became the holy grail and the last time I saw it, it was being cradled in the tiny hands of its protector as they drove out the driveway home.

You can’t compare the values, each egg has its own purpose – fried, boiled, baked, chicken, and painted with glitter.

Just like you can’t compare your life to another’s. Each person has a different purpose, and each person will see a different beauty in you.