A GIFT in disguise

When you are ready, there comes a new chapter.

You may feel like shooting the messenger, some of us do, the messenger is usually painful, but remember eventually to say thank you and give them or the circumstance, your love and gratitude.

People and experiences will come into your life to help you change; you will be challenged.

Your soul will yearn for change.

My gift in disguise challenged me immensely; he taught me how to live my life, some times I am so grateful I have moments when I have wanted to grab them excitedly and thank them for showing me of what I needed to learn – their ego was a bulldozer. Still, their soul knew mine, and it was on point.
(Forgiveness is what brings, growth, love and peace)

When you start on a new chapter, it’s scary, anything is new but don’t fret about feeling lost, your soul knows what it’s doing; it is our ego that has no map. Give it time, you will see.

Accept you are the decision-maker, whatever you are telling yourself, it will become your reality; no one else can give you your happiness; only your soul knows how to do that.

In the new chapter, it’s about how to care, respect, and how to love yourself entirely (warts and all). I was challenged to start creating an environment and life that would support me to flourish and shine.

My gift in disguise was a flame that mirrored back to me what I needed to learn.

My advice for those that have started this new chapter and even feel like they have hit rock bottom – start right where you are, to rebuild you had to be broken, now you can build new foundations (congratulations). The old foundations didn’t serve you anymore.

Start by focusing into pumping love into yourself, like you would a brand new lover, be compassionate, forgiving, and open your heart to anything. Because when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive.

Welcome to your new world, make it about love.

Love Kazia