The plan – easy peasy.
1. Gates are set, just ride up to the calf’s, open the gate, let them onto the race. Pony didn’t stop.
2. Scrap first plan and pivot. Send working dog in.
Working dog not working today, stops calf’s from leaving paddock. Lots of swearing.
3. Scrap second plan. Pivot. Open second gate without dog.
Second pony gets in way, someone stands in gate. All but 10 leave the paddock the rest run stay in paddock.
4. Scrap third plan. Pivot. Grab the pony myself (never used pony before )
Pony tries to rear and ride backwards, I bale off onto shit covered paddock.
5. Scrap forth plan, be patient everyone stop and let the calf’s walk out quietly. Done. 1Omin job takes 40mins.
Plans often get away on you. Be prepared to pivot, and don’t forget to laugh.