How are you feeling?

How many times has someone asked us how we are feeling?

And we reply good.

Are we? Or are we just OK?

OK, sadness, flat, angry are all acceptable in time frames in our lives, those emotions are not avoidable for anyone, especially if you are going through growth, it goes with the territory.

When you are not in the growth stage, do you want the answer to be just OK, how you slipped into spending the majority of your life in OK or fear?

Do not waste your life in OK or fear when you don’t have to be.

It’s easy to fall into a rut, and we slip into feeling OK or other fear-based emotions forgetting what good feels like.

Awareness is like waking up and realizing, ‘Shit what am I doing to myself’ ‘I’m meant to be spending my life – in love with life.’

You can’t blame your personality or the I’m the too old thing.

We can start rewriting how we think and talk to ourselves anytime. The stuff we tell ourselves in our heads is what we end up feeling.

Our personality is continuously charging; you are not who you were when you where 16 are you? So don’t ever believe you can’t develop, you have been doing it your whole life.

If you are feeling OK, it’s because there’s more inside you.

Start taking control of how you see yourself, what you do and the choices you make. It takes time; you have habits to remake; patience and compassion is a great place to start.

Incredible emotions come from inside you, always accessible. They take nurturing and love to develop within you, someone else can’t give them to you, but they can influence them, you decide how, so be mindful of your surroundings.

You are NOT broken enough that you can’t heal.
Embracing that feeling that you do not want to feel like that anymore, gives you the power to hit a crack through your ego, (the fearful thing that holds love back) to rebuild your foundations.

Embracing your capability to love creates a light to shine through – you are beautiful.

I want you to feel that love.

You deserve more than just OK.