When things get rough as they always will and you find yourself somewhat blue, what you need to do is reach inside of you to embrace your courage.

We all have courage, we have all used it in some form thought the years of our lives. You can’t tell me you don’t have courage, it comes in many form such as….

Courage is embracing the pain you are feeling and walking with it until it disappears

Courage will push you past your boundaries to the beyond of what you know

Courage will guide you to do the right thing

Courage helps you find your voice

Courage is what gives you the experiences of a heart fully opened. And if it breaks, courage will be the thing that mends it and makes it stronger.

Courage is what saves us and transforms us

So whatever you need to do and fear you cannot move forward, hold that idea, concept, or dream in your mind, then add the essence of courage inside of you, then a step of two will appear in front of you.

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