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Welcome to Integrity Island Trip 2

Integrity Island has been separated into two courses, as it can be overwhelming doing the whole lot at once, often we need time to disgust everything, so let’s start with the second part of the Island.

This is an island you may not wish to be on, in fact, you are trying to get off it.  Unfortunately, we can’t, we are in here to learn, to be better, to be stronger, to be wiser.

I’m here to help you through this challenging time, I’ve been there and I did it well, even when it was so hard.  There were times when I received a bit of wisdom and support, and they were like lifelines.  This course is designed to be a lighthouse.

You will have your own challenges, and you can decide how you will act and support yourself and others through the experience.  The lessons in this course are only a guide, take what means something to you, and make it your own.

There are 5 lessons in the course, some longer, some shorter.  The first one may be overwhelming, but I’ll repeat some of those lessons throughout the course.

I wish you well, on a new chapter.

  • Holding the line – strength
  • Handling loss – change
  • This time won’t last forever
  • Managing – tools
  • Beginning again
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