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‘The Inspire Kids Handbook is original and a delight.  The author, Kaz Pollard, brings a fresh perspective in keeping kids connected, and on a purposeful path.   Kaz encourages young people  to dream, not to allow obstacles to stand in their way, and to seek out the positive.  The Handbook is a how-to guide in achieving goals with each page beautifully presented, and inviting.   The Adult Handbook complements the Kids Handbook and inspires parents to dream, and to nurture their child’s hopes and dreams.  Truly inspiring!’

Anna Dekker
Board Certified Behaviour Analyst/
Registered Psychologist

Inner belief changes your path.... every child is born with talent, heart, and potential. Every child is born into a different environment, and each child has different opportunities, with some children barely seem to have many opportunities. However, they can still become masters of their Journies - shining brightly they can inspire us all.

So every child deserves the best we can give them.  

As complex individuals that we are, we all need different levels of help in all areas of our development. We need someone to believe in us, to encourage and inspire us, to teach us the skills that will help us to develop into people we are proud to be - to be shown they are loved, and they belong.

Inspire Kids teaches nourishes their hearts and builds their courage. 

When Kaz is working with her clients, she is able to maintain a sound working relationship while still being friendly, willing to engage with a range of customer personalities. This means her clients are able to take on new learning and are responsive to advice on wellbeing opportunities.

Kaz is also very creative with her programmes and presentation of them. She has a high level of skills in this area.
I find Kaz a pleasure to work with. She treats all opportunities with confidence, displays an outstanding level of knowledge in her field with an enthusiastic, positive attitude.




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