You don’t need to wait to be happy for

if… or when…

Choosing to play the hand you currently have right now the best way imaginable (and that’s healthy for you)

Makes life Meaningful and Joyful again


You may find yourself in a situation you feel stuck and challenged in 

You have two choices

One is leave

and if you can’t yet or not ever.

Then, go for the second choice

Make the most out of the situation you have

You will find it a immensely empowering action to take.   

You may limited resources, it could be because of time, money, accessibility, responsibilities.  

The secret is to play the hand you have as best you can.

For example; if you don’t have much time then you learn to get as much value out of time you do have, or deciding to be really good at what you can do, turning it into a passion or purpose.

Having limited options can help you focus in on what you can do and then do it very well.

Or maybe the situation isn’t in your control and you have to be patient and wait, in the meantime you can still live purposely by making the other aspects of your life more enriching and rewarding.

When you decide to help yourself, life will help you.