You have the right to be happy
When you are happy – you make other people happy

Your smile infects others, you inspire, you mentor – YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THIS WORLD

Don’t care what you own, what your job title is, how much you weigh, or what your social media profile pictures say about you

I do care about how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself and others.

When you shine, you light up part of the world and people notice you then you do, because your happiness makes other people feel good

I expect you not to walk around with a smile everyday, that’s not life. As some parts of it will be very challenging, it’s natures way of improvement

But you do have a choice, how you live your life
It’s not to be copied out of a textbook of following another’s path

Live in a way, that would make you happy

The only rules are the positive ones you tell yourself

Let things go that hold you back and start dreaming and doing today, life is very awesome when you wake up excited.