IB Kids Education

Inner belief changes your path…. every child is born with talent, heart and potential, every child is born into a environment with many options of a path they chooses, what they can’t control is the opportunities that lay before them.

As complete individuals that we are, we all need different levels of help in all areas of our development. Primarily we all need the basics, from that we need someone to believe in us, to encourage and inspire us; to teach us the skills that will help us to develop into people we are proud to be.

School's and Social Services

We create taylor made programme to your current needs and requirements

sticking to NZ curriculum achievement outcomes

 Inspire Belief Kids school campaign currently is in dock, until the right pirates come along and help make the adventure happen.

Current Projects

Hauora Education

Inspire Belief Kids – Self Belief Programme

School programme targeted at Social Sciences and Health Curriculums.

Suited to years 5 to 8, will develop with younger students in mind if required with a younger kids programme.

For the younger lot - Inspire Belief Kids programmes

Inspire Belief Kids Ambassadors


Age: Ageless
Size: Beautiful
Temperament: Bubbly, beautiful, sometimes grumpy, and a little bit of everyone
Status: Married to old Arthur for a few years now
Job: Spokesperson for Inspire (a very important job)
Quote: Laughter is the best medicine, especially laughing at yourself – Mollie Pollie

When Kaz asked me to be spokesperson and international model for inspire, quite frankly I thought she must have been crazy, poor girl. Really, what would the neighbours think and how would Arthur cope. But Kaz insisted, she said I was beautiful just how I was.

Truthfully I was flattered but very scared; I don’t know what to do. Kaz said we all get scared sometimes, especially when we do something new. She also said all the tools I needed were already inside me and would unfold in perfect time. I didn’t really have a clue what she was on about, poor dear. Inspire sounded so exciting, that before I changed my mind I agreed on the spot and look at me now I’m a SUPERSTAR!

Age: Younger than he looks
Affectionate nickname: Old Goat
Loves: His kids and Molly, his hobbies and his friends

Favourite Place: His Armchair
Temperament: Mostly loveable, dry humour and the odd touch of grumpiness
Secret Ambition: To be a race car driver
Likes: Farm work, especially when asked by poor Mollie to do house chores
Dislikes: Farm work, when the game is on
Most used line: I’ll do it later

Arthur volunteered to help out as he realised he was missing out on all the fun. So kaz thought he would make a great ambassador for inspire belief as well.