Discover how important you are and how much of an impact you have - let's reforge and get you inspired

The RETREAT is finally OPEN - right in perfect timing as always, just never in the timeline we choose 🙂 heading into winter, there are limited spaces and programmes, as she's wild weather country in the cold.  

October will have full programmes running, in the meantime, if you feel like you don't want to wait.  Get in touch and we will see what we can do with a specialised programme for you.  

Or try the online courses available on the website. 

Otherwise 🙂 register your interest for the opening season, email Kaz at 


Inspire Belief Retreat Programmes

Reforge Journey

Rebuilding and Transforming during and after challenges

To become strong of heart and soul


*Reforge programme 

*Refresh programme

*Direction programme 

*Strengthening Programme

Refresh from Burnout

Come take a break to find that spark 

in yourself again.

Learn how to 

*care for yourself 

*stop pushing yourself

*stop putting yourself last

*how to handle different types of


*look after yourself


Learn how to handle fear, so you 

can live a happy and fulfilled life. 

The life you want to live.

* The stepping stone to creating new dreams for yourself, and learning how to handle the challenges that tend to hold us back.


If you just want to be by yourself.

Use the time at the retreat to spend it in your own time and space.

Access to the farm, pat the horses, chill out with nature.

Additional services can be provided.

Additional Services

Body and Soul Connection

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Therapy Massage

Jessie Dixon

Enjoy our onsite massage therapist for a mind-body experience.

Session 30mins: $TBA

Session 1hr: $TBA

Online retreat personal fitness Instructor

Chenae Swinerd 

Looking to work that body?

Chennae our retreat online personal fitness trainer, can customise a personal programme for you - in our farm barn gym.  

* whatever fitness level you currently are

30mins session: $35

45mins session: $45

*post work out, relax in an outside bath with bath salts to aid muscle development, plus - it just feels good.  

Adventuring Activities

Coming soon

In the early days of Inspire Belief, we would hold events to encourage others to step outside their comfort zone and try out something they might have dreamed of doing.

Check out

The idea is to offer at the retreat a taste of trying out something new - it's good for the soul and its revitalising.




The retreat has indoor kitchen facilities and a   outdoor fire pit which you can cook from.  

Don't want to cook?


  local cafe Red Kitchen has beautiful dinners that just require reheating.  They can be waiting for you on arrival.

Click here to see what they have to offer

Platters from local gourmet butcher Expleo

Breakfast supplies can be ordered on request 


Working Farm

Inspire Belief Retreat is located on a 150-acre grazing block, 550 metres above sea level on Mt Pironga.

The mountain can be wild and challenging, but it is a beautiful healing place.  

There is an enjoyable walk through the farm, that will take you an hour or two, you can make it as challenging as you want.  

The farm runs cattle, 2 crazy goats, free-range chickens, 2 horses, and working dogs.  

At times you will see the kids and I, working on the farm, you are welcome to check out what we are doing. 

The next stage in our farming goal is to create new native replanting areas, for the environment.  Free feel to plant your tree to leave a reminder of your time here. 


0ther Activities

Hiking Pironga Mountain:  4 mins drive from Retreat

Or bring your Mountain bike and ride the Pironga West RD loop 

(good fitness is required to make it back up the gravel hill)

There are ample walking opportunities in the area, including Scott rd reserve

or take a trip to local Kawhia Beach



COOKING FACILITIES - FRIDGE, Microwave, airdryer, grill, toaster, kettle, utensils





OUTSIDE FIRE - COOKING grill plate + BBQ Wok




Auckland:  2 hours
Hamilton:  55 mins
Te Awamutu: 35 mins
Waitomo: 55 mins 
Kawhia: 35 mins