What you think you are expecting to experience becomes something entirely different.
Five months of looking forward to this and finally it’s here.
Here I am Day One at Rally School NZ and learning the navigator’s role and feeling alive.
Role on Day two rally driving lesson time —— but I’d taken sick the night before.
I didn’t know it, but I was time for me to finally learn a lesson that’s being on constant repeat for a very long time.

Being a stubborn person, it has taken me a long time for me to learn, life had to basically shackle me for months on end to finally learn this one – Dealing with Disappointment.

We all have these lessons throughout our lives, a behaviour that holds us back – when we finally get it, it gives us new skills to broaden our horizons.
Other people can see what we are continually doing wrong, same lesson, different scenario, we are so blind to it we blame others or life.

But when you get it, when you finally step out of your square, and you can see for yourself what you do, life changes for you.
Life is a tough teacher, and it’s one significant learning experience – the intelligence of it all blows my mind.

My repeating lesson of fearing disappointment and my avoidance of it was a fear holding me back.

Lessons that were ingrained in you as a child, become your big life lessons to learn as an adult they are part of your purpose.

Once I understood what I was doing, it was easy. I had to stop avoiding the emotion of disappointment, I had to embrace and feel the wave of emotion instead of fearing it, then I could step back into a natural state of peace quite quickly again, and life could take on a new clear view.

Do you know what your current lesson is?
Something that keeps recurring, it will be the thing you say ‘it’s happening to me again, or ‘here we go again’.

Learn it! Repeating hurts.
Your life will transform – it’s a treasure in disguise.

So getting back to my lost adventure day:
I’m booking in for a later date to catch up on my driving time; my life didn’t end for me! The disappointment wasn’t a door shutting! it was a new door opening. 🙂

So all in all pretty productive weekend – all the tools we need are never out of our reach.

P.s if you ever think about an experience that you won’t forget, Rally Drive NZ won’t disappoint.