We feel all sorts of emotions that change all the time, that never goes away. We learn how to deal with them; usually, they can only hang around for a few mins – even the feeling of joy.

Loneliness is common and doesn’t feel so great, but it’s also healthy at times to be in solitude for personal development. But when it’s started to make you feel sad and depressed. You have to help yourself. You can do that by helping someone else out that’s in need.

We have a drive (motivation) to help others; we can use that to help ourselves at the same time.

Or make yourself hang out with people that make you feel good. It will eventually help lift those emotions away.

Oh, and go discover a passion you enjoy. You will meet new tribe members.

Know times of loneliness will come back from time to time. It’s OK, your human; it comes with the job.

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