Make the New Year’s resolution a gift that will set you up for life.
Goals and dreams come and go, once completed you go to the next one, the previous one is already forgotten.
It’s fun having a goal, but once achieved the prize doesn’t hold the same value for us.
If you looked at it from an entirely different perspective.
You can see all the accumulating wealth is in what you experience and what you learn in the journey of the goal.
Focusing in on loving – absorbing – enjoying – pacing the creation of a goal.

I’m going to be happy – when.. doesn’t work, it’s in what you are doing now.
In the unfolding of the experience.

LOVE – what you are doing.
What meaning does it hold for you?
Does it fill you up?
How does it match your values?

ABSORBING – the experiences you receive
The people you meet?
The lessons you learn?
The knowledge you gain?

ENJOYING – the experience
How is it fun?
If not, how do you turn it into fun?

PACING – time does not like to be rushed
These so much to be learned in the process, time decides the outcome – Surrender to it, just do your thing without emotional self-torture.

The Goal is just a thing, it’s the creation of it that holds the prize.