The power of Patience

PATIENCE We all complain about not having it

When stressed it’s often because we are waiting for something to happen that we want now.  Like right now!

With a bit of wisdom, we know there are lot’s of unseen steps that have to happen for something to eventuate, and in that rush, and frustration of not being in control, we are not focusing on the present; we are needlessly stressing, and in turn, we also miss the different opportunities before us.

Let go and give those expectations to time, it will sort them and discover what is in front of you that you can do now.  (that’s enjoyable)

(p.s there are two things that make a vast difference in your life, one is opening yourself up to practising Love, the other is learning Patience, master virtues)

Your path is already mapped out for you

You can’t go wrong

Every little step, hiccup, failure, challenge

it’s all leading to where you want to internally go

The work of life-changing teachers – Byron Katie

The amount of repeated self-help stuff out there is mind-blowing and sifting through all that can weigh you done (and confuse you more). Fortunately, there are a few masters out there you can just direct your attention to, that’s where you can find some clarity.

Teachers who are a beacon for humanity. Teachers that help us evolve and one such shining light is Byron Katie – The Work of Byron Katie.

Her work is centred around the question “Is what you are thinking true?”. When you dive down deep into that question, the result is usually profound.

Lockdown19 coping with change

Having a member with high needs autism in the family change is a real struggle.

Helping him to adapt we made the most of it and created a treasured memory.

Article in the local newspaper

Molly’s Dream

Molly’s dream became a struggle.

“Surrender, your dream to me,” said the universe. “You have done enough for now.”

“No” she cried, “I am scared of losing the dream”.

The universe sends her the lesson of loss. She survives and finds gratitude.

She persists.

“Surrender,” said the universe.

“No” she cried, “I do not trust”.

The universe sends her a lesson of trust. She survives and finds more freedom.

She carries on with effort.

“Surrender,” said the universe.

“No” she cried, “I am embarrassed about looking like a failure to others”.

The universe sends her the lesson of failure in front of others. She survives and find’s more self-love.

Head down; she battles forward.

“Surrender,” said the universe.

“No” She cries, I am scared of losing control.

The universe sends a reality check lesson, showing her control is an illusion. She survives and worries less.

She puts on foot in front of the other, very slowly.

“Surrender, your dream to me,” said the universe.

“Yes,” She replies, “I have no fight left”.

She steps back, and let’s go of control.
She gets out of the way and waits with patience for the opportunities to come her way, in perfect timing.

“Finally!” said the universe. “You were in the way, but you learnt a lot for the experiences.” (the universe has a dark sense of humour)

Molly stops and finally surrenders, letting go of trying to create the dream; she relaxes into peace, free of internal struggle, her shoulders become light.

And without her interference, eventually, things finally start to happen.
With clear sight, Molly sees the signs, and by surrendering the need to control and question, she no longer is having to struggle internally, she takes action, and her passion reignites.

She’s finally becoming her dream.