Be vulnerable

I love you when you are vulnerable
then I can truely connect to you
and you can connect to me

Please don’t hide your vulnerability
for fear of pain of rejection

Don’t hide behind your walls
I want a real connection
not a edited version of yourself

Have the courage for us to see your heart
not a defence weapon
Then I will see your beauty and you can see mine

Those walls you think stop you from feeling pain
become your barriers and your limits

On the outside being vulnerable
Is where the light can shine

You are worth much more than sitting behind a wall
don’t be afraid to stumble
there is no shame in courage

Have the courage to be vulnerable

Empowering it

You don’t need to wait to be happy for

if… or when…

Choosing to play the hand you currently have right now the best way imaginable (and that’s healthy for you)

Makes life Meaningful and Joyful again


You may find yourself in a situation you feel stuck and challenged in 

You have two choices

One is leave

and if you can’t yet or not ever.

Then, go for the second choice

Make the most out of the situation you have

You will find it a immensely empowering action to take.   

You may limited resources, it could be because of time, money, accessibility, responsibilities.  

The secret is to play the hand you have as best you can.

For example; if you don’t have much time then you learn to get as much value out of time you do have, or deciding to be really good at what you can do, turning it into a passion or purpose.

Having limited options can help you focus in on what you can do and then do it very well.

Or maybe the situation isn’t in your control and you have to be patient and wait, in the meantime you can still live purposely by making the other aspects of your life more enriching and rewarding.

When you decide to help yourself, life will help you.

You are your coach

Imagine having a support team of people that help you to live to your potential

How much could you achieve?

But instead you don’t and and you didn’t have that support structure throughout your life

Maybe missing was the father who guided you, the mother who supported you, the coach that pushed you, the teacher that inspired you, or the leader that developed you.

How would you then have the motivation or know how to accomplish your dreams?

You want the same opportunities you see others have been born into or just have – people that have developed a self esteem and motivation from others that helped them to chase their dreams.

If you didn’t have the learning environment to develop your potential early, what can you do?

You Can not that you are a adult

Grab the bull by the horns and do it for yourself.

These a good chance your path in life had no map and many potholes, you didn’t know where to head, let alone how to get there – you may feel sorry for yourself because you didn’t have a guiding force, or had one that was faulty, but don’t let that defeat you.
You have spent your life figuring out how to do things, well take control and step it up. You can flourish later on in life – anytime, use those experiences you learnt on your own from all those potholes and create your own unique path.

It may be tougher not having the above support system but that makes you are surviver, it does not mean at all that you are not capable of and won’t be what your inner heart dreams to be.

No one has the same life route to what their souls dream of becoming.

Some of us are designed to be influenced more for our own experiences, than the experiences of others.

Even if you have limited opportunities make that decision to become your own cheerleader, your own coach, your own moral compass, your own source of love.

It may be a harder, longer road but at some point it will be the making of a much stronger character and a person you are proud of becoming.

So you have to ask yourself the questions – What do I need? What do I need to learn?

* Is it learning about healthy boundaries to take care of yourself better
Or how to keep yourself safe
How to create a healthy version of yourself
To be able to make better choices
A map to follow your dreams
* How not to become your own road block because you are worrying about what others may think of you
* How to respect myself
* The motivation to climb a mountain, to travel, to change career

Or just to stop doing the stuff that makes you feel unhappy.

Once you ask the questions, part of your brain called the Reticular Activating System starts looking for the sources of information out there in the world to help you, and your life will certainly open up to new opportunities.
Your own personal map are your instincts, learn to listen to them as they are connected to something more powerful than we are able to comprehend. You will get hunches and signs, have a adventure and start hunting them down.

You will find interesting and supportive friends, make a choice to learn from wise people and most importantly start following what interests you, that’s the direction of your personal map.

People will come and go in your life that nourish you, inspire you or push you that hard that makes you change.

You didn’t need to be born into a wrap around supportive environment to have one, you can create that environment for yourself.

Enjoy the adventure


The power of Failure

When you realise FAILURE is awesome instead of something to avoid and when you get vulnerable and use courage over the fear of failure, your learning brain opens up like a sponge.

By doing that alone it benefits you in new Knowledge, you Up-Skill yourself and you create a new Connection to the Next Experience. Like connecting the dots…….

Failure is the key to going forward and it only matters that You understand that.