Wine Glass

I must of being about 10 years old when my mum spied these pink wine glasses in the shop window. She stood there with a battle going on in her mine between longing and guilt.

I don’t think I ever remember my mum buying anything for herself, she took the bus or walked ever where, she had very little but was always tidy even though nothing was ever flash or new.

Standing there it was one of those moments etched into your childhood memory when you opened your mouth as a kid and later regretting saying it as a adult.

It was along the lines of “That’s really expensive Mum” and her guilt doubled.

I wish I said “Yeah mum you deserve it, go for it they are made for you”

But no a 10 year old doesn’t quite get it, do they.

Fortunately she did buy them, she thought they were just beautiful, maybe she wanted her life to have more beauty in it or friends that would come around and she could celebrate with.

Later mum said she regretted buying them as they were too expensive and from guilt they sat in the china cabinet every since.

34 years later, they finally ended up in my home, still with the stickers on them.

I keep them as a reminder of that day, and when I use them I am reminded my mother who had a soft gentle heart let her self worth be defined by the price of a wine glass.

Moral of that memory.. Cherish and Love yourself always



Guilt is pressure to change, but when the perception is wrong its a ball and chain.

But for us poor softies, lovers, carers, females, mummies… the flip side for us, it can be our nightmare ball and chain. We feel it in the wrong ways, and that emotion leads us to push ourselves much harder than what is required from ourselves.

Things that we shouldn’t feel guilty for, but we do – because we believe our stupid perceptions.

I give you the permission to sledge hammer the ball and chain, for the stuff below.

Guilty pity party ends here now for these big fat lies

No guilt for needing rest and recovery, for asking for more help, or importantly for saying NO.

No guilt for experiencing adventures, enjoying the fruits of your labour and embracing life’s wonders.

No guilt for learning – for trying and failing – which is very important experience you need. Your failures are life skills and new knowledge you need in order for your future, one which you don’t have a clue about yet.

No guilt for feeling like you are not living up to other peoples expectations, you are made differently and have a different purpose.

No guilt for following your own path in life, pursuing your dreams, or for doing the things that light you up inside.

No guilt for being different from others and requiring different needs to be healthy.

This is just standard stuff a person needs to live a healthy life.

Own that you need love and nourishment – not guilt and self sacrifice.

You make the rules for your life and you can change your perceptions – that is your sledgehammer and your power is to say NO more Guilt and NO need to explain yourself.


Finding your purpose is undertaking a new journey

A path that calls to you

Your purpose isn’t what your family or friends expect of you, that isn’t what you are designed for.

Your heart only knows the way, spiritually you have a true north compass inside of you.

Follow your intuition, the sparks – the excitement. It doesn’t matter where you follow it, what title it holds, or if it completely fails and puts you onto another path.

It all adds up, all the experiences, gathered skills and knowledge.

You will take many steps, and never in a straight line, 2 steps forward, 3 back, 1 out to the side. All those steps will be the sum of who you are, the evolution of your character.

It’s what you need for your purpose.

The thing that gives your life meaning.


I care about your smile

You have the right to be happy
When you are happy – you make other people happy

Your smile infects others, you inspire, you mentor – YOU CONTRIBUTE TO THIS WORLD

Don’t care what you own, what your job title is, how much you weigh, or what your social media profile pictures say about you

I do care about how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself and others.

When you shine, you light up part of the world and people notice you then you do, because your happiness makes other people feel good

I expect you not to walk around with a smile everyday, that’s not life. As some parts of it will be very challenging, it’s natures way of improvement

But you do have a choice, how you live your life
It’s not to be copied out of a textbook of following another’s path

Live in a way, that would make you happy

The only rules are the positive ones you tell yourself

Let things go that hold you back and start dreaming and doing today, life is very awesome when you wake up excited.


2009 Vintage Inspire Belief Video

Created in 2009.

Inspire Belief Breaks was launched in 2009 and then life happened.

and 11 years later, thanks to zoom meetings, life reinvented in.

I’m working on bringing Inspire Belief Breaks back for everyone that wants to follow their dreams, goals and purpose.