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Specialised Inspire Belief programmes include the Teenage mental wellbeing course, the 21-day online course which is for anyone and the Walking beside You programme which is designed for at home carers - contact me to learn more about this course.

If you are looking for something different for your organisation, have a chat with Kaz to see what could be designed to suit your organisations needs.  

Free Teen Mental Wellbeing Online Course

If you are looking for the free online teen mental wellbeing course, download it from the online course pages

Inner Strength and Thrive online course - 21 days

Inner Strength and Thrive online course - 21 days

Designed for Impact Tutoring, this course is available for everyone to purchase.  The 21 day online course inner strength and thrive can be purchased through Impact Tutoring $229.00

This course supports Mathematics for a Lifetime Charitable Trust.

CLICK ME to see more about this online course.

When Kaz is working with her clients, she is able to maintain a sound working relationship while still being friendly, willing to engage with a range of customer personalities. This means her clients are able to take on new learning and are responsive to advice on wellbeing opportunities.

Kaz is also very creative with her programmes and presentation of them. She has a high level of skills in this area.
I find Kaz a pleasure to work with. She treats all opportunities with confidence, displays an outstanding level of knowledge in her field with an enthusiastic, positive attitude.

- Jean McKenzie

2019 waipa business leader of the year

Mathematics for a lifetime charitable trust

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