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Hi, I’m Kaz. I’m a person who rebuilt their life out of necessity. Thrown challenges in life that could have been my excuse not to live to my fullest, but I didn’t want to be 80 years old and look back on my life wasting all those years as seeing my life as a struggle, handicapped by a perspective. I want to live my life in the state of passion, joy and adventure.

Do you want to love and embrace your life – to thrive? To be able to look back at any age and say I’m proud of the person I am.

Do you want the courage to be able to move past the heartache and drama, and be more?

I can help you achieve new ways of seeing your environment and equip you with new skills and mindset if you are ready to take that step forward.

My services include the following

  • Dream Chasing
  • Finding clarity
  • Creating a direction
  • Resilience
  • Mindset
  • Developing and strengthening your virtues
  • Courage and Growth
  • Heart
  • Purpose
  • Connection

If this calls to you, and you want help. I’m currently available from Inspire Belief’s location online.

Personal and Community Programmes

Specialised Coaching Programmes

Specialised Inspire Belief programmes include the 21-day online course which is for anyone and the Walking beside You programme that is designed for carers.

Inner Strength and Thrive online course – 21 days

The 21 day online course inner strength and thrive can be purchased through Impact Tutoring $229.00

CLICK ME to see more about this online course.

Walking beside you Programme

The Walking beside You programme is designed for parents of special needs children and those that care for others. It’s about inspiration, support, encouragement, direction and living those dreams.

As a parent or a high needs child, isolated and challenged. I had to rebuild and it’s hard to do it on you’re own. This programme has been designed for you in mind, to give you the support to help you thrive.

For 8 weeks we connect to you via the camera on you phone, we are here to help you revitalise so you can do the things you need to.

Contact Kaz at for more details regarding this course.

Personal Coaching Programmes

Personal Inspire Belief programmes can be purchased through the shop below, this includes a 1-hour skype session with Kaz, programme mini e-book/journal, notes and follow up email.

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