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Sample Day 4 from Spark Island Course


Spark Island #2 

SPARK Island – lighting that flame.   Included into this little packed course full of transforming goodies is.. 4 themes on spark island to get you going.

Discovering you can have, do and be more - New Mindset - Confidence - Passion

I’ll be emailing you 14 newsletters, with videos and audio lessons (shortish), support, questions to shift things for you, hot tips, and help with the treasure hunting (it’s an island of discovery).

Designed to do over a cuppa, 10 mins a day (roughly) over 14 days (roughly) = Fast and Easy.

I deserve - lessons from the islands

These 5 Daily Lessons will be delivered to your inbox, so you can do them in your own time.

They will make you think, smile, and designed to inspire you.

A taster of the islands. Included in this package is 5 audios, tidbits, notes, and questions

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There can come a time in our life when the perfect storm hits us, and life spins out of control and our backs will be up against the wall. It's going to crush you or strengthen you; either way, it will cause a lot of pain. To change, we need to be hit hard. Look at Nelson Mandela, 27 years in prison, and he came out a stronger and better man; with time, he developed a deeper sense of integrity. Now we all aren't Nelson Mandela's, and we probably don't want to be, but we all have the possibilities of growth inside us when faced with hardship, and it sure does help when you can have someone with experience to guide you; because you are desperate for help.

And this is how I can help; I know that island.

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