Lockdown19 coping with change

Having a member with high needs autism in the family change is a real struggle.

Helping him to adapt we made the most of it and created a treasured memory.

Article in the local newspaper https://www.teawamutunews.nz/2020/04/trampas-orders-mcdonalds-to-stay/?fbclid=IwAR0BOT8dsBKhTd4NJHZYdUO8LFX8G08usTzr8IpwCoN63tIek4h-HO0dQaI

2009 Vintage Inspire Belief Video

Created in 2009.

Inspire Belief Breaks was launched in 2009 and then life happened.

and 11 years later, thanks to zoom meetings, life reinvented in.

I’m working on bringing Inspire Belief Breaks back for everyone that wants to follow their dreams, goals and purpose.