Hi I’m Kaz

I created Inspire Belief 13 years ago, inspired by my Mum after she passed over when my little girl was born, like 18 hours after.

She led a life of not believing in herself and not following her dreams, and she really deserved too. I would have followed that path, except I was more of a rebel and stubborn, I call those qualities now courage and persistence.

Inspire Belief stopped, I tried to keep it going, but it was like trying to push a boulder up a mountain, every turn a door closed. Something I was so passionate about began to feel more like stress.

It was just the beginning; my dream was to inspire and help, so life threw me more, to make me more.

The years followed with more challenges, struggling farming conditions, family high court proceedings, losing the farm, divorce, losing the majority of your assets, caring for terminal family members, 18mths in a coercion abusive relationship, isolation
and then
my beautiful happy son with autism reached puberty, his brain changed, and he couldn’t cope with life, his behaviour became extreme, and my life went into lockdown, more isolation.

Finally, my foundations crashed. I couldn’t go on with how I was living my life.
I was still everyone’s rock, and I had to find my light again,
I was it.

My kids needed me.

I couldn’t change the circumstances. But I could change how I was dealing with them and how I dealt with myself.

So I reforged myself, with all the experiences I’d gained. I became more, a new version of myself.

Now my daughter is happy, my son is happy, and I am happy.

I also now have so much more to offer you, 13 years ago I started with the creative stuff, then life took me on a journey of challenging discovery, now I have so much more to share of value.

Inspire Belief 2.0, it’s not just about the dreams anymore, it’s about developing the skills in life so you can grow, and the belief that you are deserving and unlimited.

I want to help you thrive.