I must of being about 10 years old when my mum spied these pink wine glasses in the shop window. She stood there with a battle going on in her mine between longing and guilt.

I don’t think I ever remember my mum buying anything for herself, she took the bus or walked ever where, she had very little but was always tidy even though nothing was ever flash or new.

Standing there it was one of those moments etched into your childhood memory when you opened your mouth as a kid and later regretting saying it as a adult.

It was along the lines of “That’s really expensive Mum” and her guilt doubled.

I wish I said “Yeah mum you deserve it, go for it they are made for you”

But no a 10 year old doesn’t quite get it, do they.

Fortunately she did buy them, she thought they were just beautiful, maybe she wanted her life to have more beauty in it or friends that would come around and she could celebrate with.

Later mum said she regretted buying them as they were too expensive and from guilt they sat in the china cabinet every since.

34 years later, they finally ended up in my home, still with the stickers on them.

I keep them as a reminder of that day, and when I use them I am reminded my mother who had a soft gentle heart let her self worth be defined by the price of a wine glass.

Moral of that memory.. Cherish and Love yourself always